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2014: Warmest Year Ever Recorded on Earth

- reported today, The New York Times.

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

These frequencies are sensuous...

"Around 1976, 12" dance and DJ singles emerged.  Because the grooves on these oversized singles could be wider, and because they were spinning as fast as a 45, they were louder than LPs that spun at 33 RPM.  I remember in the late seventies hearing how the low end (the sound of the kick drum and bass) could be brought forward on this format and made louder.  Discos had speakers that could accommodate those frequencies, and they became a world of throbbing, pulsing low end - an experience that had to wait for the CD and digital recording to be experienced outside the club environment.

Low frequencies are felt as much as they are heard.  We feel that bass in our chest and gut; the music physically moves our bodies.  Beyond any audible and neurological apprehension of music, in the disco environment it was pummeling and massaging us physically.  These frequencies are sensuous, sexy, and also a little dirty and dangerous."

- David Byrne, How Music Works (2013)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Meanwhile, in the Ocean

Nazare, Portugal